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About us

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Architectural hardware like Door Handles, Hinges, Knobs, Sofa leg, Curtain bracket, Bathroom fittings, Glass fittings, Railing fittings, Glass Curtain wall, Kitchenware and many more Architectural fittings. We have a talented team for designing and manufacturing of furniture related component. We Design and manufacture the hardware product according the customer needs and market demands.

We have a team who can customize the product as per customer requirement. Our unquenchable thirst to grow further in this sector and rise above client’s expectation allows us to keep developing new products each year, with hard work and persistence. We always try to make product for customer stratification so they always prefer our brand to innovate their home. Some of our product has a limited stock so customer can get unique product at their home.

We always keep our customer be happy at their home with our product and make our product as best things at their home.